These are the Facts

What is O2?
O2 is a 3 year program at High School that delivers the regular high school courses by alternate means. The students benefit by experiencing out of school activities and learning the curriculum by working together. The program exposes and prepares students to enter the work force and post secondary education through training, certification and connections to the real world.

2) Does it limit my post secondary options?
Absolutely not! In fact it will prepare you for whatever you choose to pursue after high school. You can attend University, NSCC or enter the work force. The program will better prepare you to pursue whatever you choose.

3) How many students are accepted?
Every year  High School accepts 20-25 students into the program. There is an application process and every student will be interviewed that submits an application. Interviews will take place in March or April.

4) What courses do you have to take?
When you are in the O2 program you must take the following courses: Career Development 10, Community Based Learning 10, Career Development 11, and three Cooperative Education courses. You will also complete all of the other mandatory graduation courses that all students take. Each year, your English course and one other course may be an O2 cohort course.

5) What is Community Based Learning?
It is a grade 10 course where, as a class, the students make connections between school and the real world. There are lots of guest speakers and field trips and certifications that make up this course. This year, for example, we will visit career fairs, the airport, NSCC, Recycling Centre, Feed NS and an entrepreneurship event. Students will have the opportunity to complete many credentials including First Aid/CPR, WHMIS Safety Training and Food Handler Safety Training.

6) What is CO-OP?
Cooperative education is a course where the student goes out to work in a field of their choosing for 100 hours. This usually occurs 1 day a week and takes place during the school day. This is a high school credit and some universities are recognizing it as a course for admission.

7) How is being in O2 different than being in regular classes?In O2 you will go on many more field trips and be exposed to many more career options than other students. We have an O2 classroom that has netbooks/laptops, round tables and comfy chairs that encourage collaboration.. You will spend lots of time in your cohort group. Students do develop a sense of family or community as they spend a lot of time together.

8) How long is the program?
The O2 program is a 3 year program that will give you an Options and Opportunities Certificate upon Graduation. This will give you a preferred seat at NSCC (although some programs do require interviews/portfolios). Graduating students may also choose to attend university, other colleges, begin an apprenticeship or head into directly into the workforce.

9) Is it hard to catch up on work?
Yes we do spend a lot of time out of the school but time is built into the day for students to make up missed time. Since we do have a team of O2 teachers, they are aware of when students will not be in class and they work with them to ensure completion of projects.

10) Do you have to get good marks?
Of course we all want good marks. They are not required for admission into the program. It is the goal of the O2 teaching team to ensure that students meet with success and pass all courses.

11) Does it cost anything? No, the Options and Opportunities program is a well funded program and supplies everything a student will need.