Computer Rules 

  1. Students are not authorized to use computers without appropriate supervision. No Exceptions!!!
  2. Students must sit in the assigned seat. The list of assigned seats are hanging  beside o Mr Carters desk.

   3.Students may not use another Student’s ID user names #/Password to gain unauthorized access to the Internet, network, or drives.

     4. Students may not modify, delete, or copy any programs, applications or operating system files.

    5.Students may use only designated HRCE programs on computers.  Students may not load, download, or install any application software or program files on computers or networks.

    6. Students may not move/relocate, damage or attempt to damage peripheral hardware (mice, keyboards, printers, speakers, microphones, etc.)

    7. Students may save data to assigned locations only.  This means your own folder. System space is limited and may be deleted periodically.  Students are encouraged to backup data to a floppy disk or flash drive.

    8. Non-educational games are prohibited at all times (before, during, or after school).  If unsure of the definition of “educational”, ask your lab teacher/supervisor.

    9.Students are responsible for proper shutdown of computers and return of materials when completed with work or at the end of the hour.

10. Students are expected to show RESPONSIBLE use of Internet/Network at all times.  (Additional Internet expectations include, but are not limited to the following.)


    1. May not use the Internet for any illegal or inappropriate purpose.
    2. May not use impolite or abusive language or access materials that may be considered inappropriate or offensive or discrimatory.
    3. May not violate the rules of common sense and etiquette.
    4. May not send or get copyrighted materials without permission.
    5. May not download software, plugins, games or other without express permission from the network administrator.
    6. May not use Chat rooms or social networking programs or sites..
    7. May not use email for any inappropriate

11. Individual school personnel, labs, or departments may impose additional rules.



If you are uncertain about any of the rules above – ASK! 

PRIVACY – Computer storage space may be treated like school lockers.  School personnel may review computer content to maintain system integrity and insure that students are using the system responsibly.  Each person has the right to expect that his/her own work will be secure and confidential. 

Be Prepared to be held accountable for your actions and the loss of privileges and/or other disciplinary action if these rules are violated.  When applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved.