The Process

The career development process is a journey that you may go through, several times throughout your life.  It helps you to determine your desired career direction.  Before you begin this journey, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How well do you know yourself?
  2. What are your values, interests, strengths and ambitions?
  3. Have you taken a career assessment?
  4. Have you begun to explore your options?
  5. What have you discovered when researching occupations of interest?
  6. What are evolving trends in your chosen industry?
  7. What are employment projections for your career of interest?
  8. What are your options for obtaining a 1- 2 year program, a 4 year program , a higher degree?
  9. What decisions have you made about your future career?
  10. What are your short term and long term career goals?
  11. What specific steps are you taking to reach your career goals?
  12. What is your plan for connecting your classes potential career?
  13. What is your Career-Technical Education (CTE)  pathway? Not Applicable
  14. How do you become a CTE concentrator? Not Applicable
  15. Why should you become a CTE Concentrator? Not Applicable
  16. What work-based learning opportunities will you pursue while in high school?
  17. How will you gain work experience in your career area?
  18. What strategies or opportunities will you use to connect with careers/employers while in high school?‚Äč
  19. In addition to your high school diploma, what other credentials will you pursue?
  20. What are your post-secondary plans for the first 2 years after graduating from high school?

Use the information you learned above to make the BEST career decision for yourself.