Designated Trades


Designated Trades in N.S.

There are currently 66 designated trades in Nova Scotia.

What is a designated trade?

A designated trade means a trade is designated by the Minister as appropriate for apprenticeship training and/or certification.

What is a certified compulsory trade? 
To work in a compulsory certified trade, a license, certificate or apprentice / trainee status is required.


A journeyperson has a Certificate of Qualification in a trade and may act as a mentor or assist in the on-the-job training of apprentices.

If you received your certification in another jurisdiction in one of the trades that is designated in Nova Scotia and would like to be recognized as a certified journeyperson in this province, please refer to our Credential Recognition section.



Skilled trades professionals are in demand. It is projected that over the next ten years there will be a shortage of tradespeople in Canada.

Nova Scotia's apprenticeship system can help you get the training and experience you need to become a skilled trades professional (certified journeyperson) in an exciting career. If you're in high school getting ready to make that big decision about what to do with your life, or already out working and want to make a change, this is your opportunity to turn your talents and passion into success.

Apprenticeship can lead you to employment opportunities that pay well.


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