Co-op Education 11-12

Parents and Guardians will receive regular co-op updates by email, co-op website postings and blogs. Tweets will be also made throughout the semester with news and updates of student progress.
Course Outcomes:                        

  1. Fundamental Skills needed as a base for further workplace development. These skill areas include communications, managing information, using numbers and problem solving.
  2. Personal management skills. These areas include the attitudes and behaviors that drive ones potential for responsibility, adaptability, resourcefulness, continuous learning and working safety.
  3. Teamwork skills. These skill areas include working with others and the ability to participate in group projects and tasks.

-      Students are expected to….
4. Demonstrate an understanding in the areas of personal discovery, work in the future, charting their career choices, job search strategies, and the interview process.
5. Acquire and improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes required in today’s society through development of an employability portfolio.

6. Successfully complete a community based work placement of 80 hours on workplace site as well as various certification courses
7. Complete a training and evaluation plan for the work placement.
(Adapted from “Co-operative Education”, a Halifax Regional School Board curriculum document.)

Co-op Education Advisor: Dave Carter
Phone: 902-832-8964 Extension 7551308
Cell Phone 902-399-8327
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