Cell Phone Policy

   This is a Cell Phone Policy for the Skilled Trades Classroom , field trips and other class activities

The classroom is for instructional purposes only and NOT for social networking. Cell phones and other electronic devices are a distraction during instruction and can compromise the integrity of assessments. This has become especially problematic with the increase in the usage of text messaging and candid photo-taking with phones that are camera-equipped. While we understand parental concerns relating to student safety, student are not always using proper discretion when choosing "where" and "when" to use their phones.

To help safeguard the integrity of our curriculum and privacey , we ask students and parents to adhere to the following guideline:

The Negative Effects of Cell Phones in Schools:


  • The average teenager spends hours per day on her/his phone or other electronic devices compared to less than one hour per day working on homework.
  • Most school related drama stems from inappropriate use of social media.
  • A lot of time and energy are wasted when students engage with inappropriate cell phone use while in the classroom.  These distractions create a negative impact on teaching and learning.

Our Mission:

  • To re-establish the classroom "Respectful Workplace" where students focus solely on academic and career pursuits.
  • To create a"Respectful Workplace" environment dedicated to mutual respect and courtesy.
  • To decrease school-wide drama associated with cell phone use during academic and career pursuit time. 

Cell phones/Electronic Devices may be used in the following areas provided the vast majority of workers adhere to the Cell Phone Usage Policy:

  • In the hallways before school, during class changes, and after school.
  • In the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch.

Cell phones/Electronic Devices may not be seen or used during instructional time for any purpose unless specifically allowed by the classroom teacher and only then for instructional purposes:

  • Skilled Trades Workplace /classroom is a “NO CELL ZONES” during official instructional periods as indicated by the bell schedule.
  • This policy goes into effect for the 2020-21 school year once a student crosses the threshold of the"Respectful Workplace" door and remains in effect until the student leaves that "Respectful Workplace" . 
  • This "Respectful Workplace,Cell Phone " includes field trips or class sponsored excursions unless modified/changed by the teacher, or administration.
  • .

NOTE: This police is a result of many attemps to curb cell phones during class instruction , demonstrations and practical experience.


 As of April, 2016, no laws specifically prohibit employers from banning or limiting cell phone use in the workplace. Your employer can indeed ban your cell phone from work, but only because of a company policy, not a law.