Community Based Learning


Have you wondered how to make your classroom lessons more authentic? One way is to incorporate instructional strategies that are based on real-life, everyday issues. Community Based Learning, often referred by the acronym CBL, is learning that incorporates the community and immediate environment into the teaching approach. It can be done in many different ways, but the overall goal is to integrate community into academic learning.

The motivation for such an approach in educational comes from the belief that all communities have innate values that can and do enrich learning experiences. Within the immediate environment, there are resources and assets that can be used to provide real-life, hands-on experience for students that cement learning objectives as real and important skills.
Community-based learning can be found at all levels of education. It is important to engage students early so that they can develop relationships that enhance their overall learning experiences, and it is important to engage students as they get older because it keeps them motivated when they can see a role for themselves in the greater social context. Because community-based learning can be done at any level, teachers can easily incorporate strategies into any curriculum.

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