Respectful Workplace Classroom Assignment

 The Plan:

Create a Respectful Workplace Policy.

Don’t just copy the one provide. You must read the one provided in order to get the scope of what is being asked of you.

Students will work in groups of no more than 3 student/workers and no less than 2

Once we have a number of policies we will evaluate them during the class and come up with a policy
Note attendance, late arrival, assigments etc will have to be included

Use the Respectful Workplace Policy provided  as a template. However it can be modified to meet the needs of the class/ workplace
environment as well as the specific needs of the student.

Keep in mind that the Policy that is created will be implemented in consultation with the
 Employer ( teacher). One it adapted to the class it will become part of the individual assessment.

See the Cell Phone Policy This is not negotiabe

School and classroom Expectations

Evaluation for assignment:
Students will create a respectful workplace. The Asssignment wil become part of theclassroomexpectations and be part of the
evaluation or the Workplace Health and Safety and CD11 courses .The assignment will have weekly evaluations of 5 points.
One point per day. Each student will receive the 1 point per day if they do not violate the Respecstful Workplace Safety Policy
which includes the Workplace Cell Phone Policy. This assignment will have weekly grades and will last for the duration of the semister.