Key Concepts

Major concepts missed or misunderstood.

Major concepts identified.

Major concepts identified and generally understood.

All major concepts understood and explained/demonstrated fully.


Explanatory Details

No or irrelevant contradictory explanatory details given, showing fundamental misunderstanding.

Some details given which are connected to the topic, but order or significance are not clear. Little creativity.

Adequate explanatory details are given which demonstrate general understanding of water cycle.

Explanatory details given provide nuance, show deep understanding and are relevant and interesting.



Project does not show sustained effort or care and attention to audience understanding or interest.

Project shows ‘bare bones’ or confused details. Organization is not clear, and so understanding and audience interest are sacrificed.

Project shows solid effort and some attention to matters of correctness and detail. Main areas of organization and clarity are attended to for audience understanding.

Project shows considerable effort and attention to matters of correctness, detail, audience understanding, and interest in the topic. Relevant criteria have been considered to show depth of understanding and knowledge of the audience for the project.