Instruction for Career Development 11   Exam  January 2019 

 Day 1 A  Career Development     Career Choice paper day 1   Write a paper on a career that you choose. Research it for  30 minutes.  Make notes as you will not be able to research the topic after 30 minutes. You are looking for information on the career  such as : This should include schooling, training, experiences, licenses, apprenticeship and so on etc. read the assignment and go over the  blocks. That will give you all the hints/help you will need

Make notes

Read the assignment

 B  Use this career for the paper , resume and cover letter.  Now you can write the paper as well as do the resume and cover letter. 
Title of page is  Career Choices, Resumes & Cover Letters


  Day 2


C Answere True False, short answer  answers go on  separate sheet . dont answer on the work sheet . For the multiple choice use A,B,C,D and With the True or False use T or F



Workplace Health and Safey pptx follw directions