CNT 10

Students go to  the CNT Google classroom and follow the instructions : they are only to be doing this work. It is a review


 There were a number of assignment. Each were marked out of 10  The reflection on the National Skills Competition assignment needs to be completed. After Wednesday the score will be zero.  This should be half a page and should answer the questions but in paragraph form.


 Student should be able to identify machinery in the lab such as table saw, band saw, disc sander, square and  vice. Students should also be able to list a number of  safety rules for that equipment, the hand tools and the general shop


Students should also be able to name the steps in building a wall of a house
Students should use the review on the  Google classroom to  know the parts of a wall and the parts of a wood truss

 Student should know the increments of a tape measure on an imperial tape measure. It is described on the review as well as:

Students should be able to find the steps on building a house, or at least be able to name at least 5 trades that are involved in building a house and what each trade does. ( a paragraph each.


Reflect on what you learned about  trades in CNT10   ( include the skills competition and the Trades Hall, class etc

What you liked or didn’t like about   CNT10

 How did you feel about your model house?