Sub Plan 

Students go to  the CBL Google classroom and follow the instructions

 Students go to Google Classroom and they will have access to the process Exam review assignment

 CBL deadline is  June 13  for passing this work in. It has to be in Google classroom . Make sure you check.

 These are topics we covered this semester.   Students will need this information for their Process Exam. Students will “Do” the tasks below. These  topics will be the basis of  Your process Exam.  Do these questions. Study the answers!

And will be passed into Google classroom no later than Thursday night at 11:50 pm


  Reflection on  Skills  Canada:
   What did you learn at the competition?
Is there a trade or technology you might like to try , by seeing it at the competition.

Pick a Non Profit Organization.  White a ½ page on the organization.
how it got started,
What does it (the Non Profit Organization) do?
Who works for the  Non Profit Organization
For whom does the  Non Profit Organization work?
What are the goals of the  Non Profit Organization?


Why was Nelson Mandela such a great person (  Write a Biography on him ( use facts) so you remember

You are applying for a job at a Major construction Company. The job could be one of the following:  Office administrator, Crane operator, Safety officer, estimator . You need to find out :
Required qualifications
Your education
your skills
Your strengths
Previous  employment


Write a resume for the job you pick and accompany it with a Cover Letter